Our Story

From Compassionate Commitment to Collaboration

Four young colleagues began the ACTION for Child Protection journey having no idea where the pathway would lead or how long and how far. Compassion fueled the years with a driving energy and commitment. That was more than 25 years ago and now the youngest and last remaining of those four, Theresa Costello, continues the commitment as the Executive Director of ACTION 4 Child Protection.

Our commitment has always been to help child welfare agencies improve what they do to serve families and protect children through developing the state of the art and advancing higher standards for case practice.

We have provided our services in 45  states and territories and are proud to have been a Children’s Bureau national child welfare resource center for the past 16 years.

With a sustained collaborative spirit our dedication is to continue our work with our longstanding local, State and Federal partners and to continually seek new partners who share common commitment to the improvement of child welfare services.