About Action

ACTION is a small, highly efficient national child welfare consulting organization. Our focus is on providing high quality education and technical assistance services directed at improving case practice and decision making occurring in child welfare programs.

  • Our Approach

    Our primary customers are state and local child welfare agencies. We are customer centered which means we make available our currently existing products and services or we facilitate a collaboration with agency leaders to tailor new solutions. Principles and values guide our work.

  • Critical Thinking

    We avoid assumptions and givens in our work as we seek the right questions, better answers, new ideas, promising solutions and clearer direction.

  • Responsiveness

    We are recognized for swiftly responding to requests for help followed by prompt, high quality products and services.

  • Competence

    Accumulatively ACTION professionals have way over 300 years’ experience in child welfare.

  • Values

    We know beliefs precede behavior. ACTION’s values include: respect and acceptance of others and their experience and ideas; self- determination in the pursuit of growth and change; openness rather than interference; and trust in self, others and the process

The Safety Intervention Organization

ACTION is well known for leadership, expertise and abilities in designing and implementing safety intervention systems. ACTION’s capability in safety intervention originates from having designed the first safety assessment and safety plan model in the country. ACTION continually pursues the improvement and refinement of all aspects of safety intervention practice and decision making. ACTION believes that agencies can effectively build their practice models solely on safety intervention concepts and purposes.

What Can ACTION Do for You?

ACTION can provide high quality consultation, education and technical assistance services. ACTION’s staff and associates perform competently in a wide range of areas including organization, program and practice model design, policy and procedure development; expert case review and testimony, program and case reviews and evaluations; curriculum development; training; community organization; workload management; and program and project implementation.

4 Reasons to do Business with ACTION

  1. Listen. Committed to listen carefully to what has been, what is now and what is wanted going forward
  2. Understand. Recognizing that understanding unique strengths, challenges, culture, history and vision is fundamental to finding relevant solutions.
  3. Collaborate. Seeking to join forces and determine how best to contribute to improvement and change.
  4. Perform. Providing quality child welfare education, consultation and technical assistance products and services as specified and on time.