Program Development and Review

We provide expertise in all facets of child welfare systems and programs, including providing consultation, review, and recommendations for program improvement that are focused on outcome achievement.

Partnering with child welfare agencies, we have conducted organizational assessments that include comprehensive recommendations for program and service improvement. Our experts are fully versed in the Federal Child and Family Service Review (CFSR) process, standards, and outcomes and are able to frame feedback and recommendations that align with those reviews and support agency Performance Improvement Plans.

We also have a depth of experience in implementation science and are able to support long-term projects and/or program transition efforts with both project plan design and management, implementation team coordination, logic model and work plan development and maintenance, and change management expertise. We have also partnered with child welfare agencies to assess readiness for change and to conduct workload capacity reviews/studies.

Coach Approach to Supervision in Child Welfare
Many human service agencies are recognizing that "a coach approach to supervision" serves as an effective strategy to quality service delivery and program improvement.  To effectively integrate the coach approach in service delivery, a comprehensive understanding of coaching approaches and models is helpful for program staff, supervisors, managers, and leaders at all levels of an agency.  ACTION's two-day coaching learning program is based on the Atlantic Coast Child Welfare Implementation Center (ACCWIC) and has been implemented in several states.  This model focuses on performance and development coaching with an emphasis on strengths-based practice.  The model is well received by child welfare agencies because it also helps supervisors to model the same kinds of child-centered, family-focused approaches and behaviors desired of front-line workers.